Welcome to Aidan Piers

Aidan Piers Ltd has been in business since Feb 1993 and currently has in excess of 13000 customers on our database.

We thrive on repeat business referrals and the reputation that has spread for our strict and discerning buying policy which means we only retail vehicles of the highest calibre.

  • We are always very keen to buy good quality vehicle so please call for a price.
  • We always stock sports cars and rare or desirable diesels and convertibles.
  • We look forward to helping you drive the car of your dreams!

Aidan Piers - Quality Used Vehicle Sales

We have over 30 years experience and contacts within the motor trade and can reach just about all corners of the country in search of such vehicles.

Because of this, and our steadfast viewpoint that, "If we wouldn't buy it for ourselves we won't supply it to you", we have successfully created an exclusive service to all our customers which is our "CARSEARCH" facility. This facility allows you to specify the exact vehicle you want with the viewpoint of "NO COMPROMISE".

If you want a black one with grey leather then that's what we will get you. You decide the exact vehicle that you wish to purchase, maximum age and mileage, specification and by taking the time to agree on your requirements, we are then able to source the vehicle of your dreams.

Due to the success of this service towards the end of the 90's, it became necessary to avoid the distractions of the premises we owned in Timperley and concentrate our staff towards the ever increasing weight of CARSEARCHES. We now only show our stock by appointment only at our Offices in Knutsford keeping our stock in secure storage.

The company is a family run business with family values, lots of our customers have become close friends over the years and large companies have found that they can supply all their staff with vehicles at great savings only using us as their source of purchase and disposal.

We are like a one stop shop whether you need a Polo for your daughter who's just past her test or an Aston Martin for the Director, we handle the whole thing.